Coding Log — January 1st, 2018 — Day 16

Coding Time: Full Day

Here’s what I did today:

Started Learning JavaScript

I spent a bit of time mapping out my learning plan and doing some calculations for how long the You Don’t Know JS books are going to take to read. If I go at the pace I did with the HTML/CSS book (around 1000 locations a day on Kindle books), the first book in You Don’t Know JS should take me two days. The first 4 books, which I hoped to get through in January, will take me 15 days.

I thought that 1000 locations was a bit underambitious, but man, the difficulty level has ramped up.

Today, we went through some introductory programming concepts in the context of JavaScript.

I feel SICK. I have 4 pages of notes. I was studying all day. I don’t know how people read this stuff faster. I was basically reading at ten words a minute. This was hard. There were so many new concepts, code snippets to run, so many new words. I don’t know how deep the author intended the reader to go into the concepts. I tried really hard, though. I took pages of notes, ran every single code snippet, and translated every line of code into human English.

What I hated about this is that I couldn’t figure out how to make the code run in the comfort of my VS Code set-up. I have a dark UI with a very bright syntax theme that makes things very clear. Instead, the book suggested we use the Developer Console on either Chrome or Firefox. That worked immediately, but it’s white on white on white on white. It took me hours to figure out how to find the dark theme and increase the font size. Regardless, it feels like coding in some Codecademy emulated environment. How do I run my JS files and write actual JS scripts? Guess I’ll never know!

The second half of the chapter was oddly easier than the first chapter. I was already familiar with the concepts of functions, conditionals, and loops from my short stint at CS50x. I remember Scratch and the 2 C programs I made.

I took too many notes in a non-linear fashion to even attempt to write them out legibly today.

I didn’t finish the last section of the chapter. It’s a practice session where you put all of the ideas together and make a functioning mathematical program. It’s small, I should’ve gotten it, but my brain is way too fried.

I will do this tomorrow and hopefully the JavaScript session is easier so I don’t keep running behind like this.

Tomorrow’s To-Do’s

Do the Practice Problem for Chapter 1.

Finish Chapter 2: Into JavaScript.

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