Coding Log — January 7th, 2018 — Day 22

Coding Time: Full Day

Here’s what I did today:

Finished Watch & Code

Feels good to have this done. I feel like I know the syntax of JavaScript now. I still don’t have the knowledge to go out and use it in something real, though. The DOM parts of this course are what really separate it from other courses, I think. It’s hard to wrap your brain around concepts when you’re just having them do obscure/abstract math.

I really understood the first half extraordinarily well. We built the whole app in the console and there’s a functioning to-do list that isn’t connected to any sort of GUI. That’s where the DOM stuff comes in, and then everything sort of scaled in the confusion and everything went a little too fast for me. I can read every line of my code… sort of. But, no way I’d be able to rewrite that from scratch yet.

I’m hoping a second go through of basic JavaScript concepts through the Bootcamp will help me out there.

This project is live at

Made some small changes to the site

…Or at least planned to. Transferred the DNS over to a more secure host. Designed the blog & individual post pages that I’ll need to screw around with in Jekyll tomorrow to get. Got a reference point for a new fancy vanilla JavaScript solution to a dropdown navbar on mobile.

I also decided I won’t be moving forward with the Web Develoer bootcamp just yet. I’m going to work on building stuff for a few days before I go straight into a long course again. First on that list, making my website’s design the same all-around. I still hate being on Jekyll and wish I had the time to switch over to Hexo, but that’s a weekend project for after I get a job.

So for now the site change checklist is as follows –

  1. Do not copy & paste the source code for the nav bar, but write it yourself from the source code to integrate properly with the existing nav bar.
  2. Clean up the file list in my current source code. Most of that code is from the theme, which I don’t need anymore.
  3. Make my index navbar & footer layout pieces I can just copy paste.
  4. Code the blog navigation page to have a short intro about my daily code log & then the latest 10 posts. I really don’t know how I specifically want to handle the design. I know I want divs between each post, but where should the date go?
  5. Code the individual blog post page. This one’s easy. Narrow-ish width, post, and then a footer very similar to the theme I chose right now. 2 lines of text (comments can be sent to my email, RSS feed link) and then <- -> arrows to lead to the previous and next post. I chose that theme for a reason.
  6. Build a category page for monthly archives to link to in the blog navigation page.

It shouldn’t take more tha a focused day, but who ever knows how these things work.

Tomorrow’s To-Do’s

Finish the complete version 1 of my website. I have so many wonderful plans for where I want it to go in the future, but clean & consistent design principles come first.

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