Coding Log — January 14th, 2018 — Day 27

Coding Time: Full Day

Here’s what I did today:

Wow. We’re already halfway through January. At this point, I expected to be at least starting to go through Basic Algorithms on FreeCodeCamp. This is clearly going to take at least a week longer to get to that point.

Granted – I haven’t tried even the first lesson in the Basic Algorithms section. Maybe it’s time?

I Built My Second Thing

I build Thing #2 today. Despite the complexity, it was easier than yesterday. I ran into just one problem, which was a problem I had the day before. I forgot to do bankBalanceInput.value and instead just told JavaScript to bring the ENTIRE bankBalanceInput!

The application follows the logic of the practice exercise in YDKJS. The logic is very easy to break, but there is logic.

Here were the app requirements:

I got stuck between Requirement 2 and Requirement 3. I was a little ambitious and coded both at once instead of testing one at a time with the console. I got lucky that it was a smaller app this time, but I have to remmeber to take it slower.

Also, I used a bit more MDN today! It just still doesn’t seem to be the best for quick referencing.

Tomorrow’s idea is building something in the DOM that’ll manipualte CSS!

I’m not sure if I should continue focusing on DOM manipulation or JavaScript programs that are more logic-based. I think I’m too much of a beginner to know. I think just having displayable projects is what’ll keep me motivated.

Continued watching The Web Developer Bootcamp

I skipped ahead to the DOM Manipulation section. This skips over HTML/CSS/Bootstrap & Basic JS. I may go back and watch the Basic JS sections because I need more familiarity with the concepts. But, only if I get extra time.

Tomorrow’s To-Do’s

I’m switching tactics again and I’m going to start Basic Algorithms on FCC. I’m pretty anxious as just the word Basic Algorithms feels pretty advanced. I’m worried that there’s a gap in my knowledge that FCC’s earlier Basic JavaScript and Object Oriented Programming cover, but I’ll only know when I try.

If I’m lucky, these are displayable challenges I can continue to add to my tiny JS (in the DOM!) projects.

Just to reiterate what I feel behind on…

  • I still have to finish my website. There’s a lot of small changes and some big changes that I need to do, but it’s just too easy to worry about the website and not worry about actual coding.
  • YDKJS Video Course #1
  • Web Dev Bootcamp Pre-DOM Manipulation Sections
  • Basic JavaScript & OOP sections of FCC
  • Actually getting to the point where I make a real small app!

The courses are probably all the same concepts, just presented in different ways. I won’t feel that way until I successfully push past into creating real apps.

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