Coding Log — January 24th, 2018 — Day 30

Coding Time: Half Day

Here’s what I did today:

Rewrote the Entire Plan Again

I know I’m near the end of my JavaScript basics phase. I’ll go through a few more projects and I’ll write a few more components for tinyjs, and that’s it. I can actually build things in JavaScript.

So, now that I’m nearly done with the hardest part of JavaScript – the part where most people never get past, I had to start thinking about efficiently tackling the next part. I needed to map out how I planned to get good at intermediate JavaScript concepts.

As I did so, I realized that the timeline may run a bit long. JavaScript is hard and I want to get a really good footing on it. Here’s the rest of the plan for JavaScript:

The Rest of January

  1. Finish the front-end section of The Web Developer Bootcamp (3 projects + 5 hours of JavaScript basics)
  2. Build 6 components/mini-projects in tinyJS (2 done, 4 left – those 4 left may overlap witht he 3 projects in the Web Developer Bootcamp)
  3. Read YDKJS: Up & Going (Again? Yes, again.)
  4. Read YDKJS: Scope & Closures

This may bleed into February depending on how long the projects take.


  1. JavaScript30 (one video a day)
  2. FreeCodeCamp’s Intermediate Front-End Projects
  3. FreeCodeCamp’s sections on Object-Oriented & Functional Programming and on JSON APIs & AJAX
  4. Udacity’s AJAX courses (Intro to AJAX, JavaScript Promises, and Asynchronous Requests)
  5. JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts
  6. FreeCodeCamp’s Advanced Front-End Projects
  7. BONUS: ES6 for Everyone - Wes Bos
  8. BONUS: Udacity’s Object-Oriented Programming
  9. My Pet Project in JavaScript!!!

This month is a lot more ambitious. I can definitely handle JS30, all the projects (intermediate, advanced, and my pet project), and FCC’s introductions to AJAX/API/OOP/FP. Depending on the rigor of JS: Understanding the Weird Parts and Udacity’s AJAX courses, those may bleed into March. I really doubt I can finish the bonus courses next month. It’s a lot to fit in.

I may end up making JavaScript a 3-month affair rather than 2 months. We’ll see.

Of course, as I continue, the list may end up being trimmed like it was for January. Maybe FCC covers enough for me, or I only need small sections of the courses instead of the whole thing. There’s a lot of potential for overlap here, which I like.

After that, React, Node, SQL/Algorithms/maybe-not-even-SQL-and-just-learning-MongoDB/both??? Again, every step makes the next step more clear than before.

Built Thing #5

First use of random & animations. Not a huge deal, just a little test.

Tomorrow’s To-Do’s

I got really sidetracked by setting up my new Chromebook. I hope this will up my productivity in the days to come.

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