albums i keep returning to

Here’s an unordered list of albums I keep returning to in full. This means that I specifically listen to the entire album all the time. There are LOTS of artists where I listen to every album (or multiple albums) all the time, and those are compiled into their own playlist. That doesn’t count!

These are specifically me searching for this specific album all the time. I can like other stuff from the artists, but I want to listen to this album in isolation all the time.

the last five years (movie soundtrack)
deadroses by blackbear
purpose by justin bieber
singular act 1 by sabrina carpenter
camp cope by camp cope
the 20/20 experience by justin timberlake
bajirao mastaani soundtrack

(is bajirao mastaani really the best as in most consistent slb album??? wow???)

rockstar soundtrack

honorable mentions:

These aren’t exactly clearly albums, but they’re close enough that they’re important.

I can’t get any good Spotify embeddable links, so here is a list:

  • Malang soundtrack
  • Zombies 1 & 2 soundtrack (it’s 2 albums so idk if it counts)

IF I HAD TO CHOOSE ONE ALBUM OFF OF THIS LIST: It has to be The Last Five Years. I could live off of The Last Five Years.