i’ve been playing persona 5 for 6 hours and it might already be my favorite video game of all time

Persona 5 is magnificent. It’s glorious. It’s a spectacular game that’s so unique, yet so familiar, and just so wonderful to sink into. There’s rarely times in games when I stop them, and I still feel the visuals and the music surrounding me. That’s probably only happened 4 times previously in my life: Crazy Taxi […]

nostalgia, comfort, & cinema

I love cinema. Honestly, you could even go as far as saying I live for cinema. It has quite literally kept me alive some days. Cinema is the highest art form and I love analyzing movies. It’s a huge reason why this blog exists. However, something very interesting happened to my Letterboxd diary in the […]

fear and loathing in las vegas

Fear and Loathing reads to me like the most extreme, and probably effective, anti-drug PSA I’ve ever read. The problem is, I know that if I had come across this seven years ago, I would’ve thought this was the manifesto for living. Back when I was a professional writer, this life of jumping from destructive […]

i started skateboarding.

I bought a skateboard last week. Let’s talk about how this all got started… Quarantine has been a really interesting time to think about the life we want to live afterwards. I’ve been getting a lot of takeout from my local spots, and since that’s the only times I’m outside all week, these sessions feel […]