I’ve had Disney+ for the past few weeks now. I hate to say it, but even as someone who doesn’t like Marvel, Star Wars, or Pixar, it’s my favorite streaming service right now. There’s not a lot of particularly interesting new content — the latest animated Disney and Pixar movies are nice — but the […]

instapaper zero & the holy grail

I’m a diligent subscriber to the Inbox Zero philosophy. This was first introduced in 2006 by Merlin Mann, a pioneer in the productivity blogging space. I probably reached it in 2006, right around when I had to delete my primary email address, radhika.morabia@gmail.com due to spam overload. I currently have 6 emails in my inbox. […]

favorite song of 2013

I watched this song every day for nearly 70 days. I remember that I desperately needed to watch it at least once a day to feel sane. It’s perfect in every way. The song is great, the video is great, the lyrics are ridiculous, and the dancing is perfect. By this point in my Bollywood […]

early 00s remixes

I recently got re-obsessed with the early 00s remixes made for an MTV generation. As an American, I rarely saw the music videos. The only avenue to do so was the Saturday morning Indian shows. That’s less than an hour, once a week. However, I did go to India in 2004. I remember seeing a […]

albums i keep returning to

Here’s an unordered list of albums I keep returning to in full. This means that I specifically listen to the entire album all the time. There are LOTS of artists where I listen to every album (or multiple albums) all the time, and those are compiled into their own playlist. That doesn’t count! These are […]

comics update

I guess I’m a Marvel stan now. Based on my last post about comics, I started reading some stuff on Hoopla. We have up to 8 takeouts per month, which is pretty awesome considering that I plan to mostly use it for comics. I checked out more than I could chew, and I only ended […]


I’ve been trying to get into comics for a decade now. I’ve read the entirety of Scott Pilgrim and Persepolis. I generally find comics to be difficult to read, the left to right structure is hard for my eyes. People have recommended me comics, but the medium is hard to understand and I have no […]

gallagher girls

I finished the Gallagher Girls series this past weekend. I read the books in a bit of a fever — #1 was a nostalgia trip of a really cool book that was extremely short. #2-4 were fun and sucked me into their worlds. #5-6 were… a slog. Let’s go through them 1 by 1. The […]