favorite song of 2013

I watched this song every day for nearly 70 days. I remember that I desperately needed to watch it at least once a day to feel sane. It’s perfect in every way. The song is great, the video is great, the lyrics are ridiculous, and the dancing is perfect. By this point in my Bollywood […]

early 00s remixes

I recently got re-obsessed with the early 00s remixes made for an MTV generation. As an American, I rarely saw the music videos. The only avenue to do so was the Saturday morning Indian shows. That’s less than an hour, once a week. However, I did go to India in 2004. I remember seeing a […]

albums i keep returning to

Here’s an unordered list of albums I keep returning to in full. This means that I specifically listen to the entire album all the time. There are LOTS of artists where I listen to every album (or multiple albums) all the time, and those are compiled into their own playlist. That doesn’t count! These are […]

favorite song of 2020

It’s been 3 months since this song came out. It’s still going super strong for me as the most loopable song of this year. Every time it comes on, I want to listen to it again. I don’t think anything else this year is going to be able to beat a 3-month streak, especially with […]

favorite song of 2012

2012 was the first full year where I watched films knowing Hindi. I no longer needed subtitles, although I really struggled with Hindi still. The first time I watched Ishaqzaade, I really didn’t understand it very well. I rewatched it a few months later, and really liked it. The most important part of Ishaqzaade is […]

favorite song of 2011

During these early years of the decade, TV was starting to lose its prevalence in our introduction to new songs, but we didn’t really have a lot of streaming services yet. I think I still worked off of downloading songs to my iPod Nano. Since that was so offline, my concept of new songs generally […]

favorite song of 2010

I don’t remember 2010. I’m looking at the list of movies that came out that year and this was right before I learned Hindi, so I wasn’t too interested. I know that in hindsight, Ainvayi Ainvayi is my favorite song of 2010. I definitely only watched Band Baaja Baarat in 2011, though. There’s a lot […]

favorite song of 2019

Every year, there’s one song I become unreasonable obsessed with. It’s somehow so perfect that its imperfections are perfect. That song was Jatt Ludhiyane Da in 2019. I love the composition, I love Vishal Dadlani’s voice, Payal Dev is great, and then there’s the rap. The rap is one of the most stupid things I […]

haan mein galat

I can’t get over how endlessly loopable this song is. I have spent entire days at work just looping this one song and it is the perfect infinite party mood that never seems to get annoying. Always ready to sing along. Aa stage laga hai Badi jagah hai Do it with a twist