The world is quiet here.” This may sound curious, like the motto of a secret organization, or something a stranger would say when he picks you up in his taxi and invites you to use your talent to benefit the world. There’ll be losses along the way. We may never triumph, not completely. We may be defeated, at least for a time. But we’ll never disappear. Not so long as there are noble, well-read people to take up the torch.

Jacques Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events (2018)

wizards of waverly place

I started watching Wizards of Waverly Place as a good watch-on-my-phone show while I’m spending so much time in bed because of an injury.

and it’s honestly really good. It’s got a super compelling premise, fleshed-out characters, and Selena Gomez is arguably the best Disney Channel actor I have …ever seen apart from maybe Raven Symone. She’s somehow subtle, yet loud.

I don’t think it hits me emotionally enough to replace Liv & Maddie as my favorite show, but it’s really good.