nostalgia, comfort, & cinema

I love cinema. Honestly, you could even go as far as saying I live for cinema. It has quite literally kept me alive some days. Cinema is the highest art form and I love analyzing movies. It’s a huge reason why this blog exists. However, something very interesting happened to my Letterboxd diary in the […]

my new workout routine in quarantine

Right before quarantine started, I had just started going to my (free, at work) gym three times a week. I started doing /r/bodyweightfitness’s recommended routine. This was pretty good. I relied heavily on the TRX suspension system in order to do assisted push-ups, pull-ups, and rows, though. As we moved into lockdown, I thought it […]

some thoughts on friendships

I think if our extended quarantine has taught me anything, it’s that we emphasize our relationships too much. Hangouts are exhausting. It’s great to have a pool of people available, but keeping up is exhausting. There’s been less pressure to keep up and that’s okay. I think we’re a little brainwashed to have a bunch […]

optimize for less

Today, I thought about adding a “Things I Like” page to despite the fact that no one has ever asked me for this. I was just reading a few blogs that had this and thought I should add one, too. But what is the goal here? What is the end result of this? When […]

instapaper zero & the holy grail

I’m a diligent subscriber to the Inbox Zero philosophy. This was first introduced in 2006 by Merlin Mann, a pioneer in the productivity blogging space. I probably reached it in 2006, right around when I had to delete my primary email address, due to spam overload. I currently have 6 emails in my inbox. […]

immortalize me at my peak

It’s been over a month since I’ve involuntarily left Twitter. I don’t think I have enough thoughts about this for a full-blown newsletter, but I did want to say some stuff about how my internet life has been since its demise. It was such a huge part of my life, as silly as that sounds, […]