immortalize me at my peak

It’s been over a month since I’ve involuntarily left Twitter. I don’t think I have enough thoughts about this for a full-blown newsletter, but I did want to say some stuff about how my internet life has been since its demise. It was such a huge part of my life, as silly as that sounds, […]

wfh, now from home

My biggest goal with the 2-4 weeks here is to be less of a …workaholic really isn’t the right word because my work isn’t pressuring me to do any of this, but careeraholic, I guess. My career choice has pressured me into feeling this way all the time. I want to be on the computer […]


It’s possible that we have to work from home for well over a month due to COVID19. I used to work from home when I was freelancing in my late teens. I couldn’t find the separation between work and play. I get really restless when I have to sit at a desk for 8+ hours […]


It’s a perfect, cloudy day today. You can see the rolling layers of the clouds, there’s no risk of rain, the air is crisp, there’s a slight breeze, and there’s no sign of that menacing sun. It’s my favorite kind of weather. It’s the kind of weather you can drown your emotions in. Without the […]

first donations of the year

I had a goal this year to donate whatever leftover money I had after expenses and savings to charity. It’s important to stay grounded, sacrifice some of your meal to the gods every month, etc.. I think it’s immoral for folks who are able to invest significant amounts of money to not donate. That hasn’t […]

reading music

I’ve found that the best reading music for me is Classical KUSC. I’ve been listening on and off since I was a kid in LA — I loved classical music before. My favorite composer is Liszt, although Bernstein is up there, too. They have an app which makes things extremely convenient. Just open it, turn […]

just voted!

2020 leggo I’m endorsing Elizabeth Warren for President because I think she’s the only candidate who’s ever been speaking intersectionality. (Sadly, the candidates of color often didn’t have the privilege to. Been there, experienced that.) I’m okay with a Bernie Sanders presidency, but it’d be …very economics focused rather than targeting cultural forces beyond money. […]