It’s a perfect, cloudy day today. You can see the rolling layers of the clouds, there’s no risk of rain, the air is crisp, there’s a slight breeze, and there’s no sign of that menacing sun. It’s my favorite kind of weather.

It’s the kind of weather you can drown your emotions in. Without the sun, the world feels empty and quiet. No input, no output, everything just is.

I used to love going to Disneyland on days like this. Since we weren’t allowed to bring our phones after my dad once lost my sister’s somewhere in the Rivers of America, the long lines with the same 2-3 people I can only talk to so much before I lose my mind became a bit more bearable.

That bleachy smell and the gray skies are always thinking time. I don’t know what I was necessarily thinking about, but somehow the clouds made all the petty stuff disappear.

Who cares about school drama and work problems when the world is so clear?

Let the obsessions rest, let the pressure melt, let the drama slow. The world is quiet here… at least as long as the clouds shield us from the noise.