comics update

I guess I’m a Marvel stan now.

Based on my last post about comics, I started reading some stuff on Hoopla. We have up to 8 takeouts per month, which is pretty awesome considering that I plan to mostly use it for comics.

I checked out more than I could chew, and I only ended up reading 2 comic books in the past two weeks. I think they’re pretty representative of what I wanted to explore.

I forgot that I read a lot of web comics over the past decade. I loved web comics. I remember one called The Dreamer that I thought was really awesome and had amazing art. I used to get web comics in my RSS feed. I also used to read web comics more in the style of newspaper dailies.

So, why is there so much resistance with physical comic books? I don’t know. I think it’s just so much less accessible than web comics. Now that the accessibility issue is gone with Hoopla (and soon, next year probably, the return of physical libraries!), as long as I know what to read, I can get access to reading it.

My plan is basically — start reading via the recommendations I had from the Patrick Willems video. There were probably about 5-10 comics from there, which is a great starting point.

If I liked them after finishing them (remember, these are all issue anthologies, so we’re talking about possibly 100+ issues before I “finish”), Google “What should I read after finishing [this comic]?” and building up my knowledge and stuff from there.

Alright, so let’s talk about the two comics I read in the past month.

I’ve consumed a LOT of superhero media, just never really in comics form. I’ve seen a ton of DC shows. Marvel, I’ve seen the same movies as anyone else. I’ve even seen Howard the Duck.

Since I’ve also read individual graphic novels like Scott Pilgrim and Persepolis, superhero stuff is what I was most interested in starting. So, let’s discuss:

Batman: Year One by Frank Miller and Frank Mazzucchelli

I like Batman. I like gritty Batman. I’ve seen the Nolan movies and one of my favorite TV shows of all time is Batman: The Animated Series.

I didn’t like this. I know that objectively, it was good, but I didn’t like the grit in comic book form. I just didn’t feel connected to Bruce Wayne. I’m not invested in his story.

I can’t really pinpoint it… The grit was too realistic while I definitely prefer something more stylized. The art style and writing were good… I guess it’s just not something I wanted out of a comic.

Ultimate Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley

I didn’t expect to love this. Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel superhero, but I think the familiar story can get bland since I’ve played it across video games and seen it in the Sam Raimi movies.

But, I really liked this. I like the modern style. I like the characters. I just found it a really likable retelling of what I already know. I think it’s also really suspenseful. I know this goes on for at least 100 issues, and then it jumps into Miles Morales, who I love from his movie.

I don’t really know why I like this better. I don’t tend to like Marvel better!

I think it’s because DC has better villains and Marvel has better heroes. Since the origin story comics focus more on the heroes, Batman is boring while Spiderman is relatable.

I don’t know.

Either way, I’m really happy to have found one comic I liked. I’ll have to look around other DC offerings to see if there’s anything less depressing. I just don’t like angst-ridden heroes… It’s so boring. Obviously, there’s a time and a place, but fundamentally, I want them to be happy people.

I wonder if I have any comic book friends I can ask.