I’ve been trying to get into comics for a decade now. I’ve read the entirety of Scott Pilgrim and Persepolis. I generally find comics to be difficult to read, the left to right structure is hard for my eyes. People have recommended me comics, but the medium is hard to understand and I have no idea how to step into serialized things like superhero comics, despite …kind of wanting to?

Then, I found this video:

This is amazing. It addressed all my concerns, gave me a ton of recommendations based on things I already like, and reminded me to check out my library during this time of crisis.

Turns out, Hoopla has a TON of comic books. There’s no wait, but there is a limited borrowing time. It has a panel-by-panel reader and great search capabilities.

I picked up two Batman comics and Saga. I really want to read the Bone comics since that’s what I saw the most when I was a kid, and I like the art style. But, sadly Hoopla doesn’t have it. I might pick it up on comiXology since it’s $20. We’ll see.

I’ll report back on if I ever really get into comics enough to have a subscription like magazines.

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