The front page of is officially private.

This is irritating because I sometimes send posts to my friends when I write something about media.

However, the sins of being a woman on the internet continue to haunt me…

I’ve had three former stalkers reach out to me in some form in the past few weeks. I can’t keep doing this. It’s triggering and traumatizing.

I don’t know how some of them know my full name and how they keep finding me every time I pop up on a new platform. The only way to be safe is to shut everything down.

I refuse to do that… They’re probably subscribed to my newsletter, followed me on Twitter, read this blog, saw my developer portfolio, everything. I don’t know why men get fascinated with women they’ve never talked to, but I hate it. I really, really hate it.

So, I shut this blog down because it’s the last public thing I have that isn’t about work or media. I’m okay with GitHub and LinkedIn since those are just profiles, and Letterboxd and Goodreads are just things I have to live with.

That’s all I have, though. They’ll never find me now. I am a phantom online now.

I hope they all get struck by lightning and die so that they stop stalking me.