favorite song of 2010

I don’t remember 2010. I’m looking at the list of movies that came out that year and this was right before I learned Hindi, so I wasn’t too interested.

I know that in hindsight, Ainvayi Ainvayi is my favorite song of 2010. I definitely only watched Band Baaja Baarat in 2011, though.

There’s a lot of close calls.

I love Sheila Ki Jawaani, obviously.

I have a very soft spot in my heart for Akela Dil from Dulha Mil Gaya, but I didn’t love that song unreasonably.

The closest thing I can think of is the I Hate Luv Storys soundtrack. If I have to remember from …10 years ago, I definitely liked songs I could sing along to, which often means songs that featured a lot of English in them.

So, I think my favorite song in 2010 was the I Hate Luv Storys title song. I guess.