favorite song of 2011

During these early years of the decade, TV was starting to lose its prevalence in our introduction to new songs, but we didn’t really have a lot of streaming services yet. I think I still worked off of downloading songs to my iPod Nano. Since that was so offline, my concept of new songs generally came from YouTube and the new movies I actually saw.

I was seeing Mere Brother Ki Dulhan in the theater — so excited & so happy. They don’t make romcoms like that anymore, folks. Simultaneously happy and modern and fantastical. The cast was a treat — Imran Khan was my favorite actor at the time, Ali Zafar might be the most charming man on the planet, I love Katrina Kaif, and Tara D’Souza blew me away.

So when these 4 unveiled themselves in the big screen in this fantastic song, I was hooked. The entire way home, I kept my earbuds in and looped this song. It still gives me those fuzzy feelings. I remember being so in love with this song.

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