favorite song of 2012

2012 was the first full year where I watched films knowing Hindi. I no longer needed subtitles, although I really struggled with Hindi still. The first time I watched Ishaqzaade, I really didn’t understand it very well. I rewatched it a few months later, and really liked it.

The most important part of Ishaqzaade is the soundtrack.

This was the first film where I had solidified who two of my favorites of the decade were — Amit Trivedi as the best composer of the 2010s and Vishal Dadlani as my favorite male singer of the 2010s.

I’d been familiar with other Amit soundtracks before, but you only notice who a composer is when they make a song that really gets to you. For the first time in my life, if I listened to a song enough, I understood the lyrics of a song. This led to a few of my absolute favorite songs of all time coming out this year.

Understanding the exchange in the song really set a new precedent in my life. I always loved duets, but oh man, I love back & forths in songs.

It’s worth noting that Habib Faisal, the director of Ishaqzaade, penned the brilliant lyrics. He’s also, most important to me, the writer of Band Baaja Baarat which I think has the most brilliant dialogue/screenplay of any movie from this decade.

Mere munna, baat sun na (My boy, listen to this)
Ye jawaani nahi koi khilona (This youth is not some toy)

Pehle jao, seekh ke aao (First go and learn)
Pyaase naino ki pyaas ko bhujaana (To quench the thirst of thirsty eyes)

Chokra Jawaan (Female part, as sung by Sunidhi Chauhan)

Oh Chand baby, jo chance degi (Oh Chand baby, if you give me a chance)
Pyaas kya hai, main bhookh bhi mita doon (What’s thirst? I’ll even conquer hunger)

Oh hum hai seekhe, aur sikhaye (I’ve learned, and taught)
Nain kya hai, poori tann main bhiga doon (What’s eyes? I’ll drench your whole body)

Chokra Jawaan (Male part, as sung by Vishal Dadlani)

This is my favorite part of the song and I think my relationship to music has changed drastically since I learned Hindi.

I’d also like to take a moment to note a song that isn’t my favorite song of 2012 but is one of the most beautiful songs of all time. It’s hard to put beautiful songs as one’s favorite though. It’s not necessarily the most loopable song.

Raabta is an interesting song because there’s 3 different versions that are all very different. I remember that I downloaded all 3 versions to my iPod Nano and spent hours trying to figure out which version I liked best.

I finally decided that I absolutely adore the Kehte Hain Khuda Ne version best, which features a pre-Aashiqui 2 Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal, two of the best romantic singers of all time.