favorite song of 2016

Deep down, I am basic.

I despise Ae Dil Hai Mushkil as a film and I think Karan Johar is the most toxic person in the entire industry. His films have weird amounts of male entitlement, he has cranked the nepotism lever up to 11, and he’s a bad person.

But, like everyone else on the planet, I absolutely adore the soundtrack.

I think everyone has a different favorite song from this movie because everyone has a unique taste. It’s such a varied album with such unique and memorable tracks.

I happen to absolutely adore Cutiepie.

It falls into my favorite music mood of all time — describing hot and irresistible girls with an air of unreachability. Everyone knows this girl is hot and everyone notices her when she walks into a room. Something about this genre just makes me feel confident. I know I am NOT this girl, but I wish I was. Sometimes these songs are from a male perspective describing the girls, sometimes it’s just a girl saying she’s hot.

Songs like Cutiepie, Buzz (ish), Baby Doll, Kaun Nachdi, are all examples of this.

This is a big one for me because this is the first Punjabi song that I know all the lyrics of. Punjabi is usually extremely difficult for me. I just love singing along to this song whenever it comes on. The immediate hype that enters my body is unreal.

My favorite lines from the song are as follows:

Neend churana naujawano ki to theek hai,

(Stealing sleep from young men is fine)

Buddhon ka kaahe blood pressure badhaye

(But why do you also raise the blood pressure of old men?)

It’s also just important to note that this was SUCH a good year for music and it’s really hard to choose just one song. But, that’s that. (I’m sorry Kar Gayi Chull and Kala Chashma. I’m so sorry!)