favorite song of 2017

There’s always one song per year that hits on a different level. It’s not the most popular song, and it might not even be the song you listened to the most. But it just hits you on another level.

Usually, I fly at least once per year, and I always choose a song or an album to loop during the entire flight or bus ride there. Sometimes, I lose wifi for days and all I have is this one song that just becomes my home.

This year, it happened to be Ullu Ka Pattha.

I honestly still don’t know what the song is about and I never watched the movie, but I love the instrumentation. I love how weird it is. It just stands out in a sea of …same. Somehow it’s a fast song, but it’s not a party song. It’s great to jam along to, but it’s still slow enough to chill. It’s ethereal.

I don’t have much else to say about this or any grand story. There was so much great music this year, but one song always has to stand above the rest.