I’ve been half-heartedly reading the Vampire Academy series for ~2 years now. I like it… sort of. It’s a bit odd. The world is interesting, though, and I’m attracted to the best friendship between Rose & Lissa.

I apparently already finished Frostbite, which I found out when I skimmed the entire book again. Oh well.

Let’s see, some thoughts:

  • I don’t like Rose and Dimitri together. I think it’s inappropriate and not romantic at all. Maybe this is just the adult in me.
  • I love Adrian. I love that someone finally knows about Rose and Dimitri’s relationship and finds it as inappropriate as I do. I want this love triangle to ramp up.
  • Lissa feels more and more like a side character.
  • I’m excited to see the pettiness of high school drama / the beef with Mia turning a new leaf.
  • Christian is a great complement to Rose.
  • I’m …hmm about Mason leaving. I never really cared for him, but I did really expect him and Mia to date.
  • I still find Rose to be an extremely likable and relatable protagonist compared to a goody-goody like Lissa. Rose is a badass and hot and smart and she knows all of that. I’m here for confident, but complicated protagonists.

I’m going to be starting Shadow Kiss almost immediately, but I think I prefer the series via audiobook. Most Young Adult novels are better in audio. It almost feels like a movie you’re listening to, while reading the book just feels like some of the details are missing.