malang (soundtrack)

Malang has started off so strong with another super solid Mohit Suri soundtrack. Forget the movie, Mohit Suri is such a sexist hack. But I can’t deny that he pumps out amazing soundtracks for his movies.

The songs and the music videos are aspirational — still not as good as Aashiqui 2 — but they have definitely made me want to get into an intense & passionate romance just in order to come home and feel like one of the songs.

Here’s the order of how this Malang relationship would go:

Humraah is the glorious meeting. You know you’re falling for them so hard within 24 hours of meeting. It’s intense, it’s amazing, it’s wonderful. You know this person is special.

Char Ghar Chalein is right at the tail end of the honeymoon phase. Everything is perfect. You fit together so well. You’ve never felt so confident in anything in your life.

Malang is when things start to go bad. You’re passionate, but that intensity comes with some darkness. Other people describe you two as toxic. It doesn’t matter to you because the highest highs are worth more than the lowest lows. They’re your entire world — the good and the bad.

Hui Malang is when something snaps back to normality for you. Maybe you get some distance, you meet a childhood friend who objectively assesses your relationship and says, “Girl, you need to get out.” You have your wake up call.

Phir Na Milen Kabhi is your post-breakup goto. You still love them. How could you not? They were your everything, and you feel empty without them. Just listen to Arijit’s soulfulness and remember you’re never going to meet again.

I wonder what soundtracks are going to top this in 2020. As long as Tanishk Bagchi keeps making remakes, I doubt I’ll see any competitors anytime soon.