optimize for less

Today, I thought about adding a “Things I Like” page to radhika.dev despite the fact that no one has ever asked me for this. I was just reading a few blogs that had this and thought I should add one, too.

But what is the goal here? What is the end result of this?

When in doubt, optimize for less.

My inherent curiosity already makes optimizing for less consumption really hard. The least I could do is reduce the obligations for creation and update.

There’s only a few things keeping me online now:

  • Work
  • Email (always being pruned, always under control)
  • This blog (I could leave for 3 years and not care as long as my hosting continues — I write here when I want to)
  • The email newsletter (updated every few months)

Note that radhika.dev/blog isn’t on there. There is no reason to write more for the public web. It’s alright.

Read, absorb, move on.