phir se ud chala

ud ke choda hai jahaan neechein

main tumhare ab hoon havaale

ab door door log bag

meelon door ye waadiyan

Why do I hate this movie, yet I’ve seen it three times?

Why did I cry every single time?

Why does a part of me still hate that I haven’t met my junglee jawaani partner in crime?

Why have I never met someone who uses daaru as a perfume — an excuse to dance like no one’s watching at the club?

Why have I never felt the safety they felt in this movie?

Why do I love the soundtrack so much and listen to it almost every day?

Why does it remind me of everyone and no one at the same time?

Why do I wish you’re listening to it even though I know you’re not?

Anyway, I love this song. If you ever see me spinning in circles in the road, trying to catch sight of something that isn’t there, I’m probably listening to this.

I’m always trying to catch sight of whatever this soundtrack made real and vivid. I haven’t found it yet.