phoenix wright: ace attorney

I’ve started playing the first Phoenix Wright game for the Nintendo DS.

I could’ve sworn I played several hours of Phoenix Wright before, but it was definitely a later game because I remember Athena and Apollo… They aren’t in the first game, at least not yet.

It’s a pleasant visual novel romp that pleases me as much as it did as a kid as it does now.

The only weird thing is that it’s fundamentally a light-hearted, funny visual novel about… solving murders. I guess that could be light-hearted. Maybe it’s just the time I’m playing, but murder is a little intense. His boss Mia got murdered really fast, and I was pretty sad, thinking about how young and hot she was. But Phoenix and Mia’s sister move in within 3 days, and it’s a happy ending because the real killer was caught…

It’s also sort of a hellscape. The murders go to trial really fast, Edgeworth is a horrifying prosecutor, the characters seem to have no personal life outside of these cases…

It’s a little jarring! But still, it’s a fun time. I love visual novels and this is the first one I’ve played in several years now.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get all of the traditional PC visual novels (that won’t even run on my Mac) on my phone because Android is most definitely my preferred way of playing games like this. So far, there’s some promising leads but I’m going to finish Phoenix Wright first.

I probably won’t binge through the series, but I am playing about an hour of this first game per day.