sex and the city

I’ve been watching Sex and the City since like everyone else on the planet, I’ve received access to HBO Max.

I definitely grew up in the post-Sex and the City era. There’s been so many clones of it that the original seems familiar despite only ever seeing maybe one episode before.

But somehow, it feels more modern, sexy, and bold than any of the shows it let live. It’s unapologetically interested in wealthy, white, attractive women in Manhattan. They’re a fascinating group that makes this world that doesn’t exist for a vast majority of us seem real. It’s like peeking into an alternate universe.

But instead of gawking at the absurdity, you find yourself nodding along. I’m solidly asexual, but I feel like I’m sitting at lunch with them asking if a morning cup of coffee is worth more than a big dick? Am I the only one who hasn’t had a threesome? Are married people in a war with single people? What’s the math on relationships that Charlotte always seems to know?

Charlotte is by far the funniest character. She’s also played by the absolutely stunning Kristin Davis, and thirst can sustain me for a while. She’s made me laugh out loud several times. Her optimism seems so naive, but isn’t it true that most people do agree with her? She’s probably the most normal one of them all.

I raced through Season 1 and every time I start, I can’t seem to stop. I’m not sure if this is only really intriguing because of the lifestyle difference we have in the face of the pandemic, or if I genuinely find this pop culture piece of history to be good. Either way, I’m having a great time. It’s the best show I’m watching right now.