some scattered thoughts about identity & skateboarding

Skateboarding is still the best thing I’ve ever decided to do. It is the peak of my existence. All I want to do is chill, skate, and be outside.

I truly can not fathom that I actually skateboard, though. I never plan to learn any tricks, really. Particularly because I wear canvas shoes as a vegan. If I learn to ollie, I will need to get new shoes every few weeks — or have ugly shoes that I pre-emptively add trick tape onto. I also just don’t like heavy knee impact.

I do plan to learn no-complys, though. That’s the only trick I want to learn so I can go up tall curbs. No shoe damage there.

This changes a lot about everything I do and everything I am, though. My shoes are different, my every day carry is different, and I will tend to be carrying a skateboard just about everywhere I go. The most vivid change here is that I plan to be outside for longer periods of time than I have in a decade.

How do you go from wearing huge Doc Martens to tiny Vans-style slip ons every day?

I am now a skateboarding, reading (enough to own a Kindle), mandolin-playing (sometimes, need to do this more though), retro gaming (need to write about this more), film obsessive,

Let’s go over a list of everything I do:

  • Skateboarding
  • Reading journalism
  • Reading books
  • Reading blogs / email newsletters
  • Studying programming
  • Maintaining this blog
  • My 9-5 job
  • Bollywood films
  • English films
  • Maintaining absurdly large Spotify playlists
  • Retro gaming
  • PS4 gaming
  • TV shows
  • Occasionally jump roping
  • Occasional resistance band workouts
  • Cooking in my instant pot
  • Chores + Podcasts while doing my chores
  • Mandolin
  • Being a social human being

That’s a lot.

It’s hard to find an identity somewhere in there.

But sometimes, something comes along and you know it changes your entire identity. Skateboarding is something that’s just impossible to ignore in that sense. My fashion is going to have to revolve around skateboarding now. I’m newly into the idea of long-sleeve pullovers because that’s skate style.

I hope I stick to this, but I also just hope that I can get back into mandolin as well. It’s really hard to maintain so many daily things to do. You focus on one thing at a time, and it leaves no room for other habits that need to be picked back up again.