the duff

I just rewatched The Duff (2015) for the first time since release. I originally saw it semi-ironically, going to a midnight show on a weeknight, not expecting to absolutely fall in love with Mae Whitman & Robbie Amell.

I have no idea how they have some of the best chemistry I’ve ever seen in a romcom — teen or not. I’ve seen them both in countless other movies & TV shows, but in this movie, they just are their characters.

It’s a bit odd because the rest of the cast is painfully mediocre. When the movie came out, I was 17, and I knew Bella Thorne was 17 at the time, so it was definitely disappointing to have someone my age be so much prettier than me.

The Duff clocks in as my third favorite teen movie of all time, behind Heathers and Mean Girls. It’s just a wonderful little romp through a likable duo’s time together and how they’re so casually complementary.