ultimate spider-man (#1-27)

I just finished the first four story arcs of the Ultimate Spider-Man comic series. I was surprised to find out that I’m 20% done with the entire run.

I’ve only been reading it for ~20 minutes (1 issue) a day, so since it’s a 10 year run, I got through 2 years of comics in about 1 month. I now understand why comic book readers have so many subscriptions! It sounds expensive.

There’s a lot of comics in Hoopla I want to read, but I’m still going through Ultimate Spiderman, so I’m enjoying it for now. The pace is definitely frenetic though, and it somehow feels like all the time in the world has passed & also no time has passed. This comic has the long-term pacing of a soap opera. It starts to mess with you if you think about it too hard.

Anyway, how am I enjoying it so far?

I like it. It’s getting darker. The world still feels so new, though. I just can’t fathom how there’s 8 more years of Peter still being what, 16? It kind of feels like nothing has happened yet compared to the pace of a superhero movie or TV show. The world is still being established!

I want to keep up reading comics, although I think I hoped that keeping up with a weekly comic would be… longer. I’m not sure.

I get some Comixology stuff free with Amazon Prime, so maybe I’lll try that soon. I just want to get to the point with comics where I’m waiting for weekly issues to drop. I don’t know if I’m ready to commit to Marvel for that, though. I need to explore a LOT more.

I guess I’m just still having a hard time wrapping my head around comics although I am enjoying this series.